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    Get Involved

    Your SU Family Misses You!

    Whether you graduated last year or 50 years ago, you’re forever Orange! Here are some of the ways you can stay involved with other alumni and your SU family:

    • Update your information.
      The only we can stay in contact with you is if your information is kept up to date. If you recently moved to NYC, we won’t know to add you to our emails! You can do this with our all new Alumni website at This website is what we use to keep alumni and friends updated on upcoming events and news! If you’ve used the website before to register for an event, click “Sign In” and then on the loaded homepage look for “Update Profile” at the top. There you can update all email and address information to make sure you’re receiving emails and mailings from our alumni office.
      If you’ve never used the site before, email asking for your Constituent ID. We’ll email you back with all the information you’ll need to create an account and update your personal information!
    • Come back to campus.
      There’s always something happening on campus, including a whole range of sporting events, lectures, and of course, Orange Central—the combination homecoming and reunion celebration held every fall. Visit to keep up with the latest happenings!
    • Attend local events.
      A number of alumni clubs in the New York metro area sponsor faculty speakers, career networking events, game-watching activities, theatrical and artistic events, and many other activities. Find out about the latest events 
    • Join our community of experts.
      SU alumni and friends can provide today’s students with invaluable support in the form of expertise and real-world experiences. Many alumni return to campus as guest lecturers, serve on advisory boards, provide career advice various programs, host an immersion program in the NYC area, or offer internship or employment opportunities.
    • Recruit new students.
      SU alumni are some of the University’s strongest advocates. If you loved your Orange experience, share it with friends, neighbors, colleagues, and the kid who lives down the block. These people may one day become prospective students and parents. Encourage anyone who’s considering college to attend a local SU event.
    • Follow us on Social Media!
      Facebook: Keep up with events happening in NYC as well as news from the University and Alumni Association!
      Instagram: Check out some of the best images from our events as well as watch parts of them live and recorded on Instagram Stories!
      Twitter: We’ll post everything here, including event registrations, news from NYC and main campus as well as any and all Orange we find! 

    As you can see, there are myriad of ways to stay connected and involved. Interested? Contact us!