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    Meet David and the WestFairOrange Group!

    May 4, 2017

    Dave FinkelsteinDavid Finkelstein ’82 is a dual graduate of the Whitman and Newhouse Schools at Syracuse University and a passionate alumnus.  He credits SU for providing him the early foundation that he needed to build a successful career as an investment banker in New York City. Finkelstein, who was a dual major in television/radio and finance, served as President of the Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity and a WAER news anchor at the school where he would meet his future wife Christine and best friend Christopher Donohue.

    Finkelstein loves to golf and is an avid SU sports fan, travelling to away games for lacrosse. He will tell you he is also quite the handyman. “I’m a cabinet maker,” says Finkelstein. “I made my son’s crib 26 years ago and then made him a bed for his first apartment two years ago.”

    Even with his busy schedule, Finkelstein found time to give back to the SU community, giving philanthropic gifts to Whitman and SU athletics. Finkelstein was introduced to SU Alumni volunteer opportunities when he met the founders of the Whitman NYC Club. Finkelstein joined the club and was on the first board of directors. He served two years as secretary and then four years as president.

    “I was most proud of the range of events the Whitman NYC club produced,” says Finkelstein. “We had events for all ages, all budgets and all interests. We had a speaker series that featured entrepreneurs, media leaders, the NCAA president, SU’s athletics director and career-building programs for alumni.”

    When his tenure as president of Whitman NYC ended, Pam Mulligan ’89, Executive Director of Alumni Engagement in NYC for SU, reached out with a proposal. “Our goal is to engage with the 8,000+ alumni that reside in the Westchester/Fairfield communities,” said Mulligan. “David was the perfect first ambassador to the communities due to his volunteer experience and dedication to SU alumni.” “We discussed the goals and expectations and I knew I could handle the commitment and meet their objectives,” says Finkelstein.

    He is already hard at work building the future for the region’s newest alumni group. “We have a lot of ideas and are excited that planning is already underway,” says Finkelstein. “Events like social gatherings, networking events and game watches; a National Orange Day celebration and throw a holiday party. The group will act as ambassadors to future SU students and new graduates in the area. That means members of the WestFairOrange alumni group will host new student send offs, welcome back events for new graduates, and maintain a link with local parents.”

    You can find the Westchester/Fairfield alumni group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at WestFairOrange. You can also reach David by emailing