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    NYC Students

    New York City students are pursuing their dreams at SU!

    Syracuse University is home to 13,000 undergraduate students from all 50 states and more than 120 countries. More than 4,800 SU students hail from the New York metro area alone! Click on their names below to meet just a few.

    • Davina Phillips ’14 photo

      Davina Phillips ’14

      Davina Phillips ’14 has long been interested in law enforcement and one day would like to work as a homicide detective. “In Brooklyn, where I’m from, a lot of people get killed senselessly,” she says. “I want to be part of the team that solves these murders and gets the people responsible off the streets.”
    • Samuel Lee ’14 photo

      Samuel Lee ’14

      Samuel Lee ’14 enjoys new and exciting experiences, which is why he’s gone bungee jumping and skydiving and travels as much as possible, including studying in Madrid, Spain, and at Yonsei University in Korea.
    • Milan Flynch ’14 photo

      Milan Flynch ’14

      Milan Flynch ’14 started writing music when she was 7 years old, filling notebooks with tunes that she would perform for her family at dinner parties. A self-described “band geek,” she composed music, but felt intimidated to sing her songs in public, until a class for vocalists gave her the confidence to perform as a singer.

    • Amanda Canavatchel ’14  photo

      Amanda Canavatchel ’14

      Before participating in the Winston Fisher Seminar in New York City, Amanda Canavatchel ’14 envisioned only two possible career paths: either going to medical school to become a physician, or attending graduate school to earn a Ph.D.
    • Janessa Bonti ’14 photo

      Janessa Bonti ’14

      Janessa Bonti ’14 knows firsthand the need for improved health care access in her medically underserved Bronx neighborhood—and plans to do something about it. The Falk College nutrition science major’s career goal is to become a physician in private practice and open a clinic in her home borough.