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    Newhouse in NYC

    Newhouse in NYCNewhouse in NYC is a one-semester program that provides students with a unique opportunity to take specialized coursework in New York City, while working part-time as interns at various media companies. The program is open to Newhouse juniors and seniors from all eight Newhouse majors, and all students must maintain full-time status.

    The program is built around an 18- to 24-hour-per-week internship matched to each student’s interests and abilities. At night, students will take Newhouse classes at the Fisher Center, Syracuse University’s new academic space in NYC. Some courses are held at the professional offices of professors and guest lecturers, such as Young & Rubicam, Twitter, Google, and Bloomberg.

    This fall, Newhouse in NYC is offering the following courses. Other major-specific courses will be offered based on student enrollment from semester to semester.

    • Communications Law for PR and Advertising
    • Race, Gender, and the Media
    • A Newhouse social media elective

    To complete their course loads, Newhouse in NYC students can also select from a variety of online courses offered by SU’s College of Arts and Sciences.

    Throughout the semester, students will have opportunities to engage with an extensive network of accomplished professionals and talented alumni--many of whom occupy pivotal roles in the media industry.

    See what the students are up to this semester—follow along on our blog!

    Check out this short video to meet the current Newhouse in NYC students

    Meet the faculty and staff

    Learn about living in NYC

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