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    Why I Gave

    Read what some of our New York City-area alumni have to say about their Syracuse University experiences and the reasons they give back to SU.

    “Syracuse University and the Whitman School of Management provided me with life-changing experiences and an exceptional education I would not have been able to receive at other institutions. The school set me up for enormous growth and future success, and I look forward to continually giving back in the form of monetary gifts and volunteering.”
    – Michael Harney ’10, New York City

    “Over 30 years later, I still consider my SU Abroad program to be one of the most significant experiences of my life.”
    – Dora Sharps ’76, Annandale, New Jersey

    “Syracuse helped me build a strong educational and emotional foundation that has propelled me to where I am today.”
    – Michael Squires ’06, New York City

    “Syracuse provided a great foundation and network, one that should continue to be available for generations to come."
    – Adam Lurie ’92, New York City

    “My years at SU were memorable. I think fondly of faculty and friends made during these transformative years.”
    – Jody Queen-Hubert ’75, White Plains, New York

    “Showing gratitude for one’s good fortune by giving back is one of my core values. I only wish I could give more to Syracuse, my beloved alma mater.”
    — Howard Sherman ’82, Levittown, New York

    “SU has leveraged New York City’s diverse business and cultural environment to develop many one-of-a-kind programs. As someone who has created such a program, I see the true value it brings to students. My hope is that my gift spurs other alums to see this incredible value, too, and that this type of experiential programming in New York City strengthens and grows.”
    — Winston Fisher ’96, New York City