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    Jake Duneier

    Jake Duneier

    It took Jake Duneier ’10 only a year after graduating from the Whitman School of Management to transform his family’s century-old business.

    Founded by Duneier’s great-grandfather in 1910, Clyde Duneier Incorporated traditionally imported and distributed generic merchandise for U.S. department stores, specialty jewelry chains, wholesale clubs, and TV shopping channels. But as retailers began working directly with manufacturers, wholesalers such as Clyde Duneier Inc. found their roles diminished.

    To refocus the business, Duneier looked to brands licensed by highly recognizable celebrities and entertainers as a way to breathe new life into his company. He has positioned the business in such a way that retailers wanting to carry the licensed brands have to deal with his company, not directly with the manufacturers.

    Duneier’s company now holds the license to more than seven brands and is recognized as a licensing leader in the jewelry and watch industries. Duneier, who spends most of his time at the company’s corporate headquarters in mid-town Manhattan, also travels to India, Thailand, Hong Kong, and China to work with his manufacturing partners.