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    Allison Weingarten

    Allison Weingarten

    Just ten years ago, Allison Weingarten ’01 received a dual degree in marketing and management information systems from the Whitman School of Management. Today, Weingarten is vice president of commodities operations at Goldman Sachs. As manager of Goldman Sachs’ settlements group, Weingarten oversees commodity transaction settlements. She is also the campus recruiting champion for New York Commodity Operations.

    Involved with several groups in her business unit including Natural Gas and Electricity Logistics, Weingarten has scheduled the physical receipt and delivery of the commodities. She has also been a short term trader in the Texas Power region.

    After graduating from Syracuse University, Weingarten began her career in the operations infrastructure analyst program at Morgan Stanley, where she was placed as an analyst in the electricity operations group. She spent two years there and was responsible for middle office, settlements and commodity-related projects. From there, Allison went on to join Goldman Sachs’ Commodity Operations Client Services Team.

    Weingarten has served as a guest lecturer and supporter of the Whitman School. In April 2011, she hosted Whitman Women in Business (WWiB), which allowed 19 members of the student organization to visit Goldman Sachs in New York City where students learned about work at Goldman Sachs, met with women business leaders, and enjoyed a Whitman Alumnae networking lunch in the financial district.