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    Kamesh Nagarajan

    Kamesh Nagarajan

    As a financial advisor, Kamesh Nagarajan L’96 is familiar with the challenges many successful people face in managing their personal wealth. They’re often immersed in their work lives and want to devote any free time they have to their families, leaving little time to master the intricacies of financial markets and ensuring their retirement plans and their children’s futures are on the right track.

    Nagarajan wants to be able to assure clients they are headed in the right direction with their financial futures. A senior vice president in the Global Wealth Management Division of Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in New York City, Nagarajan leads The Fifth Avenue Group, which specializes in assisting corporate executives with concentrated stock planning and in advising physicians and entrepreneurs on comprehensive wealth management issues. He is also a senior investment management consultant and financial planning specialist.

    A native of Poughkeepsie, New York, Nagarajan is a first generation American. His parents immigrated to the United States from India in the ’60s, earned college degrees, and worked at IBM, instilling the idea of the “American Dream” in their children. Nagarajan received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Vassar College and a J.D. degree from the SU College of Law, concentrating in law, technology, and management. At SU, he was a member of the Justinian Honorary Law Society and served as an editor of The Syracuse Journal of Legislation and Policy.

    Nagarajan began his professional career in Rochester, New York, practicing law at Harris Beach LLP, before shifting his professional focus and joining Smith Barney’s office there. In 2006, he moved to the firm’s New York City offices. He shares his financial planning expertise as a nationally recognized speaker, a writer for numerous publications, and as a source for such media outlets as and Fox Business News.

    Throughout his career, Nagarajan has been honored for his professional achievements and dedication to helping others succeed, especially through his work with the Asian American business community. In 2002, the Rochester Business Journal presented him with a 40 Under 40 Award, which recognizes community members for their professional and civic impact. In 2010, he received a High-Impact Leaders Award from Ascend, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Pan-Asian voices in the business community.

    Nagarajan is a board member of Ascend’s New York chapter and of its Corporate Executive Initiative, and serves as a mentor. Earlier this year, he was a recipient of the Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award from the Asian Business Development Center. He also is involved with several organizations that aim at improving life in India for children and others through education, mentoring, and social and economic change.

    In his free time, Nagarajan enjoys tennis, golf, and guitar, and he completed the 2010 New York City Marathon. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, Ami, and their twins, Anya and Prem.