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    Anthony Curlo ’86, an alumnus of the electrical engineering program and the University wrestling team, is president and CEO of DaVinciTek, a company that provides IT infrastructure services and solutions to Global 2000 and emerging corporations. DaVinciTek’s business is providing top-tier talent through its IT recruitment and staff augmentation practice while being a trusted advisor recognized throughout the trade.

    Although not a practicing electrical engineer, Curlo takes the skills that he learned at Syracuse University as an undergrad and continues to apply them to technology and entrepreneurship. “Engineering has given us the world in which we live in. It’s important that I maintain an engineering mindset. Everything I do is part of a proven process. I think technically and I always seek to optimize my products, processes, and relationships.”

    In the past 25 years, Curlo has had success with a number of startups, acquisitions, capital investments, and joint ventures. He’s played a key role in the development of new technologies that include advanced medical devices for heart transplant recipients and innovative next generation personal emergency response systems in ways that haven’t been done before.

    Curlo’s experiences at Syracuse were the beginning of a journey of innovation and entrepreneurship. Because of this, Curlo continues a strong relationship with the University and the College of Engineering and Computer Science. He is a member of the SU Alumni Association and returns to campus frequently to share the lessons he has learned with current students at special events such as the Invention and Creativity Competition. He emphasizes themes of continuous learning, success through action, and developing and maintaining strong relationships.

    In one presentation to students, he closes with some poignant words of advice, “Remember that life is just a string of experiences. Cherish each one. And, as a maker, create experiences that empower, amuse, and delight the people whose lives you touch. Be kind, stay curious, hungry and have fun.”