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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. How can a prospective student get information on Syracuse University?
    A. There are many ways for prospective students to gather information on the University and its many schools and colleges. The Office of Admissions offers a variety of suggestions.

    Q. How do I make arrangements for a future SU student to visit campus?
    A. The Admissions Office encourages prospective students and their parents to visit Syracuse University and experience a taste of campus life. Learn more about ways to visit and tour campus.

    Q. Are there other ways to meet with the admissions staff?
    A. The staff of Syracuse University’s Office of Admissions is available to prospective students on campus, in New York City, and in the student’s local area. For further details, check out how to meet us.

    Q. I’m a Syracuse alum and my son/daughter is applying to the University. Is admissions consideration given to family legacies?
    A. The Admissions Committee welcomes a family tradition at the University and gives every possible consideration to the children of alumni. However, it is important that applicants meet all the admissions requirements as outlined in the application for admission. In addition, the Admissions Committee recommends that all prospective applicants have a personal interview on campus, at the Lubin House in NYC, or in other locations in metropolitan NYC.

    Q. Are there ways an alum can assist the Admissions Office in recruiting prospective students?
    A. The Alumni Representative Program is a volunteer organization for recent graduates who are looking to share their experiences and enthusiasm for their alma mater. Representatives work with the Office of Admissions to recruit prospective students at college fairs and other activities. For more information or to volunteer, contact Asma Malik, associate director of admissions for the New York metro area, at 212.826.0335 or e-mail

    Q. Are there ways for alumni to assist current students with their career selections?
    A. Students and new graduates can gain great insight into potential career paths by talking with experienced alumni. To offer your perspective and wisdom to New York-based career and professional networking programs, contact Jenn Turman. You should also join ’CuseConnect, a LinkedIn group designed to help students connect with alumni for professional guidance and advice.