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    Syracuse University Architecture Students Travel to Bushwick

    Dec 7, 2015

    In what has become an integral part of the Architecture NYC program at Fisher Center students studying at the New York City academic facility went on an excursion to Brooklyn as part of the Survey of NYC Architecture course. On a sun-filled afternoon in November the students headed to Bushwick to observe firsthand the intersection of art and community and to demonstrate how something once derided as graffiti has become something much more, something that adds to a neighborhood.

    The students, accompanied by their instructor, Xiaoyin Li, met a duo of street artists, a collective known as UR New York who showed them around the popular Brooklyn neighborhood pointing out various street art, describing the artists behind those works while discussing the growth of the phenomena itself. The afternoon wrapped up at Lowbrow Artique a gallery located on Central Ave where the UR New York, made up of the artists 2ESAE and SKI, were opening an exhibition opening that night. Students took the opportunity to talk with the artists and get their take on gentrification, its impact on the community and future implications it may mean for street art.

    See photos of the trip on Facebook