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    SU Architecture NYC Summer Program Students Present at the Van Alen Institute

    August 28, 2015

    SU  SU

    Syracuse University Architecture NYC Summer Program students were joined by esteemed critics and later by the public during the exhibition portion of the event at the Van Alen Institute.

    The work done in this summer studio belongs to a multi-year studio series - “Gentrification Lab NYC.” It is a design and research studio that intends to reconnect architecture with the economic, social and political realities of the contemporary city. What is the relationship between the size of an apartment and the rate of gentrification? How do zoning laws impact the envelope of a block? Can public space and public housing be used as an antidote to practices of exclusion? This summer 9 graduate and 4 undergraduate students worked in team and tackled this challenging topic by examining 7 stops along the L-train and re-imaging their future.

    This studio is led by Syracuse Architecture Visiting Professors Elma van Boxel and Kristian Koreman of Rotterdam-New York based architectural firm ZUS. The studio exhibition is designed and curated by Jiminie Ha and her team at With Projects, Inc.

    Check out more pictures on our Facebook album!