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    Fisher Center’s Architecture Students Study Brooklyn Street Art

    March 26, 2014

    Street Art

    Nearly two dozen Architecture NYC students studying at the Fisher Center took a field trip of sorts, leaving the midtown academic center for the streets of Brooklyn. The jaunt to Williamsburg and Bushwick, two of NYC’s most hip zip codes, was made so the students could meet a talented duo of street artists, a collective known as UR New York.

    Many of the students were recently back from a trip to Rosario, Argentina, where they noticed a lot of graffiti throughout the urban landscape. This element stayed in their minds for the entirety of that trip. Upon their return to the classroom the Program Coordinator Xiaoyin Li "Shell" decided to tack on the trip to Brooklyn. The street artists, SKI and 2ESAE, welcomed students into their studio and shared with them their background, how street art has evolved beyond the walls of buildings and how it intersects with architecture, adding to the feel or vibe of a neighborhood.

    View pictures from the trip.